Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain | Banned Books Project


Thirteen-year-old Huck runs away from his alcoholic and abusive father in a stolen canoe. Hiding on a wooded island, he comes upon a slave named Jim, who is also fleeing–from slavery. The two set off down the Mississippi on a piece of a raft, each in search of his own kind of freedom.

Locations Banned:

Concord, Massachusetts, 1885; Brooklyn Public Library, New York, 1905; New York City, New York, 1957; Alexandria, Virginia, 1982; Waukegan, Illinois, 1984; Phoenix, Arizona, 1996;  Cherry Hill, New Jersey Schools, 1997; Renton, Washington, 2004; Ridgefield, Washington, 2009

Locations Challenged:

Renton, Washington, 2003; North Richland Hills, Texas, 2007


Story insensitive towards African-Americans, promotes racism, obscene material.


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