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WeWriWa Sunday Snippet

WeWriWa ThumbHappy Sunday all! I’m so pleased you stopped by to enjoy Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday. In case you are new to WeWriWa, here’s the skinny. WeWriWa is a blog hop where writers share eight to ten sentences of a piece they’ve written. Sometimes the snippets are serialized from a book or larger work, which are always fun. Alright, on to the excerpt!

The setup. The following is from a DuelingLibrarinans.net writing challenge where two ideas were merged to form one story. First, a large bear holds a small town hostage, and second, a boy see the true nature of people in their shadows. Of Shapes and Shadows is what my strange mind came up with.

“How have you been sleeping?” Dr. Shepard repeated, his silky voice carried an almost imperceptible glaze of condescension. Yet, however slight and well-masked the intonation, Timothy picked up the subtle nuance in the therapist’s voice.
Timothy shrugged noncommittally, sinking farther into the lily pad colored armchair. It was an exact match to the one Dr. Shepard sat in across from the nine-year-old boy with rumpled brown hair and circles, the color of slate, under his eyes. The armchairs reminded Timothy of giant Venus flytraps ready to snap shut. Their predatory postures always made the boy ill at ease.
The chairs sat in front of a large picture window the doctor kept draped with dark curtains, blocking any passerby from catching glimpses of his patients. The result was a murky atmosphere Shepard used to try to ease his clients into a state of security.
The doctor adjusted his position and folded his hands in his lap atop a yellow Steno notebook. “Are you still having nightmares?” he prodded further.

To read the whole story, you can visit DuelingLibrarians.net or Wattpad. To read Renee’s contribution to this writing challenge, you can go here. Also, I accidently linked to my blog and not my last WeWriWa post. If you’re interested, you can click here to read my previous snippet. It’s one of my favorite short stories, and I’m still kicking myself for posting the wrong link.

Alright all, have a great week. Cheers!

Cynthia Varady

Cynthia Varady

Cynthia Varady is an award-winning freelance writer and co-owner of the book review website, DuelingLibrarians.net. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and son. Cynthia has her BA in English Literature from Sonoma State University, and her Masters in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University. Occasionally, Cynthia can be found voicing characters in casual video games, including Stella in the Aveyond series. She is presently working on a young adult fantasy novel.

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