The blog posts linked here were originally published on DuelingLibrarians.net.

10 Tactics To Awaken The Bibliophile In Your Child

9 Online Learning Platforms For Students Of All Levels

10 Tips for Writing A Winning Author’s Bio

10 Things I’ve Learned this Week About Writing

10 Tips for Writing a Winning Author’s Bio

The short stories linked here were originally published on DuelingLibrarians.net as writing challenges between Cynthia Varady and Renee Ramsey.

Of Shapes and Shadows (Random Theme Challenge – Bears terrorizing a city & A boy who can see the true nature of a person in their shadow)

The Scrimshaw Mermaid (Random Theme Challenge – Roaring Twenties & A very lucky poker player)

The Door (Random Theme Challenge – A locked door & immortality)

Colt Dragoon (Western Challenge)

“Old Main” (Stories from the Library Writing Challenge)

The White Witch of Rose Hall (Ghost Story Challenge)

The Carter File (Conspiracy Theory Challenge)

The Three Sisters (Fairytale Challenge)

The Great Dragons (Mythology Challenge)

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